Monday, October 3, 2011

Where There's A Palin, There's a Christie?

I must say that I have seen more of Sarah Palin on the Internet in the last month than I can handle.  However, given the scandals, priceless euphemisms, and ambitious feats she brings to the table, who can bypass articles about her?  I find myself saying "I don't know if I can handle another Sarah Palin spectacular today" on a regular basis, but I found this particular story to be interesting.  An article I had the privilege of reading from Fox News has recently published that should Palin enter the race for President, Governor Christie will certainly enter the race.  See the following article:

Indeed, Palin has been on the receiving end of major criticism for good reason.  Ranging from rumors of extramarital affairs to making erroneous geographical analogies, Palin has certainly made a name for herself on a personal level and America has not missed a beat in noting her every move.  Palin and Christie in the race in 2012 would not only satisfy a heated rivalry, it would also generate major publicity.  In addition, according to polls from the McClatchy/Marist poll of registered voters, Palin is only 5 percentage points head to head behind Obama.  Palin's remarks regarding her confidence in winning the presidency in 2012 in correlation with the positive polls were as followed according to Fox News:  "Americans are ready for someone outside the box."  While she may be at par with a very unpopular President, she will have steeper competition.  Especially should Christie enter the race, given his strong support from the Republican Party to include the entire Bush family.  

While some may say that Palin has a plan that will get many nowhere fast in life, in the words of Governor Christie on the Jimmy Fallon show, "Who knows Jimmy.  It's a crazy world."  This quote in response to being asked could Palin win the race to the White House.  Perhaps Governor Christie is right.  This is a crazy world we live in.  The people of the United States can only hope for a diligent President, who knows their geography, is scandal free, and can provide for the people what they deserve: democracy.  Regardless, should Palin and Christie run in 2012 one thing is certain: these elections will be entertaining nonetheless.  

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