Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cain: The Wedger

Herman Cain started off what is known as "the Barnstorm of Tennessee" on Friday with a speech lambasting questions from the media regarding his economic advisors and his 9-9-9 tax plan.  Cain refused to name his economic advisors along with his foreign policy advisors in an effort to protect their confidentiality and additionally, to avoid being attacked.  According to Cain, "They often ask me, 'Well, who are your economic advisers?', and they hate it when I say 'I'm not going to tell you.'"  Additionally Cain states, "I'm not going to tell you! They're are my advisors, not yours.  They just want to know who my smart people are so they can attack them."  It seems as though Herman Cain has become very popular as of late, however, through his actions he has also placed himself opposite the media and the black community.  Speaking particularly about the media, in rejecting the medias request for information, Cain may be rejecting the publics outlet for information.  Is such a movement wise when trying to wi the popular vote?  While Cain may feel entitled to protect himself and his staff, such incidence begs the following question:  Is Herman Cain placing a wedge between he and the people?

In looking at these numbers, it would appear he is not.  At least for the moment.  Cain has not only been known for his 9-9-9 tax plan, but also for accusing the democratic black community along with 81% of America of being brainwashed.  How this method is working in his favor is beyond me.  Whether he admits so or not, recent headlines covering Cain would support the argument that Herman Cain is placing a wedge between himself and the black community.  On Tuesday, Cain accused "liberal" democrats of being "racist" for questioning his ambitions as a black conservative republican.  While Cain uses powerful words such as racism, and brainwashed, he has managed to creep his way up the polls in the last two weeks.  See the following interview with Herman Cain where these charges of racism and brainwashing can be seen.

The video about correlates with a recent article which claimed that Herman Cain sounds like a white Republican when he is talking about Black voter.  That he is literally speaking their language when he says African Americans are too "brainwashed" into staying on the "Democratic plantation."  And furthermore goes as far to say that Black voters are "racist" for not supporting him.  

I have to hand it to the guy, as outrageous as some of his claims may sound, I believe he is saying the things that a large amount of people are thinking but choose not to say.  For that reason amongst others, Cain has found success in the polls over the past few weeks.  However, the people should approve with caution, for if Cain is so troubled in telling the media who his advisors are for a proposed movement, perhaps the public may be in for further secrecy should he become president.

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