Friday, October 28, 2011

Perry's Struggle With The Media

Presidential Candidate Rick Perry like many of the current and past Presidential candidates has come under fire by way of the media.  According to Maggie Haberman of, in an effort to win the Republican nomination, Perry has had to defend himself for not being conservative enough to the conservative media.  He has been accused of being soft on immigration issues and that is enough to have deprived him of the title of "the most right-winged" candidate in the race.  This video below will include a brief discussion of these accusations, specifically about immigrations office, as well as provided a small clip of Perry defending himself against such claims.

Perry, along with the conservative media, have called his remarks in debates regarding issues of immigration "over-compassionate."  Perry was sure to defend himself by recognizing his blatant over-compassion on such an issue.  Being compassionate has proven to be a weakening factor in Republican debates and justifiably so.  Really, does America really want a compassionate leader?

Perhaps Perry has read the history books regarding past Presidential candidates and their struggles with the media and he just may be trying to learn from them.  For example, another candidate aiming for the White House who was under fire for by the media was Richard Nixon.  Nixon ran unsuccessfully for President in 1960 losing by a small margin to John F. Kennedy, and than ran unsuccessfully for Governor of California in 1962.  After two consecutive losses, Nixon at that time bitterly announced his exit from politics.  Specifically addressing the media, Nixon shouted " won't have a Nixon to kick around anymore."  That was true for a short time until the Watergate scandal.  Point and case, Nixon and the media did not exactly have a "lackluster" relationship.  In regards to the media, perhaps Perry is under the impression that if he can't beat them, he may as well be with them.  In the overall grand scheme of the road to the White House, perhaps Perry is just playing his cards correctly in a game that requires much strategy.  The obvious strategy here would be influencing the media to emphasize his "right wingedness" in an effort to influence the people to vote for him.  Granted the media may place a spin on things, and can at times distribute "questionable" material, perhaps this story should end with a campaign ad from Rick Perry.  Established, said, and paid for by Rick Perry and his people, perhaps this piece of cinematic magic will be efficient enough in showing the people who the ultimate right wing candidate is.

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