Sunday, September 18, 2011

Obama May be on the Golf Course in 2012

The United States certainly witnessed history in the 2008 elections, when for the first time ever, a black man was elected President.  This was a truly joyous moment for the country, as waves of hope and inspiration ran rampant amongst citizens around the country.  The nation was approached by a charismatic leader who promised change after a controversial stretch during the Bush administrations eight years in office.  The nation desperately needed a leader who would promote change and growth within a struggling nation.  President Bush left office after an eight year stretch that brought the United States through some of its most difficult times.  However, nearly three years later, there is a different tone of voice in this nations feelings towards their current President.  In addition, history is being made yet again.  Seats are changing, and the approval ratings are dropping.  These instances may hinder President Obama's chance at a second term in office.

For the first time since 1923, seats in the New York District have fallen out of Democratic hands and into the possessions of Republicans.  In addition, house seats in Nevada that were once in the possession of Democrats are now in the hands of Republicans.  The loss of these seats in the House of Representatives happened during a special election within one day.  To add insult to injury, the day after these losses, California's approval ratings were posted.  California, whose people historically have always voted Democratically regardless of how well the politicians have done, posts an approval rating for President Obama as less than 46% as of recently.  Let us look at the election map from 2008.

Two things to notice: California, Nevada, and New York account for 91 votes-over 1/3 of what is needed to become President by means of the electoral college.  Should the President lose these votes, especially in California and New York, it will prove extremely difficult for him to win a second shot at the Presidency.  President Obama may very well have come into office with the best of intentions for the country, however, his charisma and his goals may not be enough to keep his ship afloat.  While he will always be known as a historic President, we must remember that the term "historic" also comes with some negative connotation.  For example, President Obama has spent more money than any other President in the history of this country.  While he may feel justified, the people may disagree.  For this reason, I advise to keep our eyes on the elections, and the golf course if we wish to track President Obama.  For more information on these events see the following link:

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