Sunday, November 13, 2011

Does Herman Cain Have What It Takes To Win A Presidential Debate?

With the elections coming up in just a year, it is no surprise that many Americans are looking at the Republican candidates and their stances in an effort to picture what the national debates will be like.  In doing so, many Americans have also become, like myself, much infatuated with Herman Cain.  While Cain may be receiving much media attention and support from other Conservatives, I wonder, can Herman Cain win a debate against President Obama?  According to Rush Limbaugh, Cain is more than qualified not only to beat Obama in the race, but to be a more effective leader than Obama as well.  According to Rush's website, a lot can be said about Cain granted how he's handled media scrutiny lately.  See the following website for a full transcript of what Rush said regarding Cain versus Obama (  Now that you have read this website, see the following video of Mike Tyson parodying Herman Cain just because its funny as hell.

Now that we have seen what Rush and Mike Tyson think of Herman Cain, it begs the question again:  can Herman Cain win a debate against President Obama?  While it is completely entertaining and laughable some of the things that Cain has said, it is also scary.  The country is not looking for entertainment, the country is looking for leadership.  With the primaries happening now and the nomination and national debate coming around the corner, it is my professional opinion that Cain can only play the crazy card for so long.  We have a President who is currently under much scrutiny and criticism and should Cain win the Republican nomination, we will have a debate amongst two people who are privy to having shots taken at them by the media.  However, Obama has shown to be a very charismatic and well-spoken speaker, while I could write a dissertation on what has been said about Cain's public speaking, I will simply say he has work to do.  Given that over 53 million people watched Obama and McCain debate for the first time, Cain should be preparing in the off chance he wins the nomination to answer to the nation officially on a national debate level.  

The world is a crazy place, and it just may be crazy enough to nominate who I think is the craziest candidate I have ever seen.  Herman Cain, you entertain me.  My request to you, is to censor yourself just a bit.  Maybe take it down a notch so I can write about someone else.  Until you do so, while you continue charming America one comment at a time, I have no choice but to continue writing about you.  God bless America, and God bless you Herm.    

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