Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cain Vs. The Media: Round 102938545849304

It seems as though every week, one can expect that when the name "Herman Cain" is entered on any Internet search engine, the results may very well yield controversy.  But this week, the controversy is not about being pro-choice or pro-life, tax reform, health care, or unemployment.  It is about a strong presidential candidate, and sexual harassment.  In the late 1990's, Herman Cain was allegedly involved in acts of sexual harassment during an era when he headed the National Restaurant Association.  While no specific details have come to surface yet, this issue has sparked many responses and quite frankly has trumped much of the talk this week regarding politics in the U.S.

Perhaps one question should be considered in regards to this weeks latest Cain coverage.  Should this incident trump the media coverage and discussion of the election when such issues as abortion, taxes, unemployment, and health insurance exist?  While such issues are the reality of Americans, much of what media outlets and other politicians are discussing are this alleged event.  Cain has refused to acknowledge this issue amongst the media.  However, many opposing candidates and other politicians who are opposed to Cain in general have said that he should speak up to bury the issue.  For example, former Utah Governor and competing candidate Jon Huntsman has called for Cain to speak up so that his issues can stop "taking the bandwidth out of the discussion of issues that should be discussed."  Oppositely, Sen.  Kay Bailey-Hutchison says "until something concrete is proven, its just politics as usual."  Below is Jon Huntsman on "Meet the Press" where Cain's issue of sexual harassment is discussed.
In the eyes of many individuals who partake in politics, bringing up the past is purely political strategy.  In knowing that, perhaps Cain should come out and speak publicly about these allegations.  It may be in his interest given his controversial quotes and comments, that have earned him a number of opposers.

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