Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cain Suspends His Campaign

In the famous lyrics of the Beatles, "Yesterday...All my troubles seemed so far away."  Why the lyric?  What the hell does it have to do with politics?  The answer, this line can be easily applied to the campaign of smash hit candidate Herman Cain.  Yes, it seemed as though yesterday, tabloids, news channels, and bloggers nationwide were providing information that proved Cain to be doing quite well in the polls.  However, as quickly as Cain's approval ratings soared, they were not strong enough to keep him in the game.  Yes, Cain has been sidelined in the Presidential race.  Like a running back who fumbles, some say Cain "dropped the ball".  However, which time he dropped the ball may be in the eyes of the beholder.  Perhaps, he "dropped the ball" when he accused blacks of being brainwashed.  Maybe it happened when he jokingly suggested building an electric fence in response to being asked how to handle illegal immigration.  However, according to the media, it was not those incidents that placed a stake in the heart of Cain's campaign.  It was allegations of sexual harassment, and a long-term affair that led to the suspension.  This is what Cain had to say:

Cain blames the media however, for "ambushing" him.  I agree, the media ambushed him.  What was the media thinking publishing things about Cain that he said?  Rude.  Perhaps the United States isn't ready for a President who calls the people he is trying to win votes from "racist" and "brainwashed."  Perhaps, we the people just are not ready for a President who jokingly mocks the names of other nations.  Perhaps, Herman Cain, you should pat yourself on the back for Godfather's Pizza and call it a day.  Cain should not feel so horrible though, these things have happened and will probably continue to happen in campaigns.  For example, Grover Cleveland during his campaign was accused of having an illegitimate child.  Gary Hart during his campaign was photographed with a model on a boat called "Monkey Business."  This blog could be a dissertation on political campaign scandals.  However, these things happen.  As long as one intends on being in the public eye, the individual should make it appoint to stay out of trouble ahead of time to avoid these things.  After all, the media is the media, and its function is to dig and tell. 

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